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How can I use an Ice sculpture?
  • You can use an ice sculpture as an elegant
    touch  for any party or meeting at your home,
    office or banquets.

-Do you use special ice?
  • Yes we produce our own ice blocks with a size of
    40" x 20" x 10" using a special freezing process
    to get crystal clear ice. It takes 3-4 days to create
    a clear block of ice.

-How long do the ice sculptures last?
  • Most ice sculptures will last 6-8 hour indoors.
    Outside in the summer under a canopy or party
    tent at least 4 hours. In the winter time  maybe
    days as long as it is cold and no rainfall.

-Are ice sculpture molds used?
  • Every sculpture is hand made with the exception
    of a few sculptures such as bowls and some
    center pieces, but they are hand carved for  a
    finish touch.

-How long in advance do I submit my order?
  • We suggest orders that requires one block of ice
    to be placed at least 10 days in advance. For
    orders that require more than 1 block of ice we
    recommend 2 weeks in advance but contact us to
    check for a rush order  Thank you.

-What happens if I want to cancel a order?
  • We recognize that circumstances can change the
    status of a event. Ice sculptures cancellations
    received in a timely manner (at least 7 days prior
    to the event) will be eligible for a refund minus
    10% of total. Any special logo or design will not
    be refunded.  Thank you.

-What is included in the price of an Ice sculpture?
  • The Ice sculpture itself of 1 or more blocks of ice

  • The delivery and set up which includes drainage
    tray with tubbing, bucket, light and greenery this
    service will be an "additional charge".

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We carve any  Ice           
 sculpture from a          
single ice block or we   
  can custom-Ice any     
  ice sculptures with      
     multi ice blocks.

Ice sculptures can
create an accent for
any occasion.
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